November 12, 2020
from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

FAQ for Nonprofits

When is the registration deadline?

Nonprofits must register on the Fayette Gives website. The 2021 registration will be announced when it is open, and the registration deadline will be listed.

Why must our organization have both 501(c)(3) AND 509(a) status?

People who make donations through Fayette Gives will be able to claim a tax deduction for their gift; therefore, we must ensure that the organizations that are the end recipients of these gifts are qualified tax-exempt organizations.

The most clear-cut determination of an organization’s official charitable status is the IRS 501(c)(3) designation, which determines whether the organization is exempt from federal income tax, and its 509(a) status, which determines whether a donation to the organization is tax-deductible.

To determine whether your organization has 501(c)(3) and 509(a) status, refer to your IRS determination letter or use the IRS website to look up your status. In this database, if your organization is listed as “PC” in the “Deductibility Status” column, you are eligible.

If you need assistance, email Rebecca Wardle or call 724-437-8600 × 203.

Why am I not listed as a participating nonprofit?

The current list of nonprofits are from Fayette Gives 2020. All nonprofits who wish to participate in 2021 will register on the Fayette Gives website when registration opens.

Participating nonprofits must have a physical presence in Fayette County or have an Agency Fund with the CFFC. Nonprofits must be exempt from federal income tax as an organization described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, must not be a “private foundation” as defined in section 509(a) of the Code, and must file the Federal Form 990 annually.

If you need assistance, email Rebecca Wardle or call 724-437-8600 × 203.

My nonprofit’s profile information is incorrect, who can I contact?

Please email Rebecca Wardle or call 724-437-8600 × 203

What is CFFC’s fee for administering Fayette Gives?

The answer is zero. Many community foundations have nonprofit registering fees to participate in a Day of Giving. These fees cover administrative costs associated with the Day of Giving. The CFFC does not charge any fees to donors or participating nonprofits. Additionally, the CFFC covers the transaction fees (not the credit card fees) incurred for the Day of Giving.

How does the bonus pool work?

The CFFC will add additional bonus pool dollars on top of the gifts from your donors received on Fayette Gives day. For each donation you receive through this site or by check, you’ll get a prorated portion of the bonus pool. The more money your donors contribute, the greater the portion of bonus pool dollars you’ll receive.

What forms of payment will be accepted?

We will be accepting credit cards and checks. Only Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards will be accepted. Credit card gift cards will not be accepted. Check-writing donors can support one or multiple nonprofits by submitting one check payable to “CFFC” for the total amount along with an official CFFC Fayette Gives Check Contribution Form” (see the 2020 form for reference) which will also available on the Home page of this website, to specify the selected nonprofit(s). Checks must be received at the CFFC office (5 South Mt. Vernon Ave., Uniontown, PA 15401) by 8 p.m. on Fayette Gives day in order to be eligible for the bonus pool.

Is there a minimum and/or maximum donation?

The minimum donation is $25 per nonprofit. There is no maximum donation; however, a donor may need to contact their credit card provider before a large transaction will be accepted.

Will you provide any training sessions on how we can promote our nonprofit?

We will be providing a webinar specifically for participating nonprofits. We will include examples and ideas for you to execute an effective Gives Day campaign to your donors. This webinar will also discuss ideas for social media and digital marketing. Participating nonprofits will receive an email with additional information.

Additionally, the CFFC will host meetings to discuss any questions and check in with nonprofits throughout the pre-Fayette Gives process. In 2020, the CFFC hosted four “Fayette Gives Chats” via Zoom to share updates, answer questions, and share ideas with participating nonprofits. We will email all participating nonprofits once the dates and times have been determined for Fayette Gives meetings.

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Can I use your Fayette Gives logo to promote our nonprofit for Fayette Gives day?

Yes. Click here to access Fayette Gives logos for use in print or web.

When will I know how much my nonprofit receives?

Preliminary results are posted after Fayette Gives on the website, but these amounts do not include Bonus Pool dollars. We will notify all participating nonprofits when the final list of nonprofit totals is available.

When will my nonprofit receive the donations?

This date is pending, but all nonprofits should be presented their grant checks by mid-December.

Will I know who made a gift to my nonprofit?

All donor contact and gift information received during Fayette Gives will be sent to the respective organizations after the final numbers are calculated and checks are distributed. Donors who wish to remain anonymous will be listed as such.

The CFFC DOES NOT solicit donors with annual appeals and as such we will not solicit donors using the information acquired during Fayette Gives. We will maintain the information to acknowledge donors in our annual report and invite participants to join the CFFC’s e-newsletter.

All donors will receive a gift acknowledgment letter for their tax-deductible gift and each organization is encouraged to send their own personal thank you note to their donors.

How will contributions be acknowledged?

All donors will receive a tax receipt from the CFFC in appreciation of their gift. Online donors will receive the receipt via email shortly after completing their transactions. Check-writing donors who provide an email address will also receive their receipts via email. And, check-writing donors without an email address will receive a hard copy of their receipt to their mailing address if requested.

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